Tuesday, May 25, 2010

So much to do so little time!

Sorry I haven't posted in forever! I've been working about 70 hours a week and haven't had time to even clean my scrapbook room up to walk through! 

I was finally able to take a break and escaped for the weekend to the Creative Hideaway retreat for our do-over of our no electricity weekend in February.  It was a FABULOUS weekend!  My goal was to get some scrapbooking done but, I made the mistake of taking my Copic markers and Magnolia and Riley stamps with me.  SO, I ended up making cards all weekend instead.  However, I did get 18 cards made and have been diligently trying to get at least 3 listed a night on Etsy!  I've ended up selling more cards at work than anywhere.  And I was even asked by our secretary to create a card for a wonderful co-worker who is retiring.  I'm going to try and upload a post for that.  Our president asked that I create a professional looking card that some how encororated our company logo into it.  I was frantic trying to figure out how to do this.  But, my wonderful mother had a poem already created that I was able to change a few words to use for the inside wording and I found a card map from Becky Fleck ( that I though would be perfect.  It turned out wonderfully!!

I was able to play with my new MuddPuddles product this weekend that I purchased from CreekBank Creations ( and made an awesome few cards using the Mailibu Sand with a High Hopes Stamp and the Golf Green for Riley the Moose Golfer Stamp (I'll have to post the pictures later--they are on a different computer). 

I also ordered some new Spellbinders (on Friday) from Flowers to Flourishes (http://www.flowerstoflourishes/) and they arrived yesterday so, I was able to use them on the above card. 

I was so excited to get so much done (even though it wasn't what I intended to get done)!

Gotta go now--will post more later!


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