Sunday, September 5, 2010

New Blog I found

Happy Sunday! 

Check out this awesome new blog I found--she is going to go "live" this Tuesday with Tips and tricks!  Plus she is going to give fabulous giveaway each week :-)

Hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend!


Thursday, August 5, 2010

Sorry it's been so long...

Sorry it's been so long since I've been on here but, I have lost track of time over the past few months!  With work, work, and more work and a few weekend trips here and there, I haven't had much time to scrap or card make and I have been a coloring fool lately and have neglected the scrapbooking I am supposed to be completing for gift giving! 

I have always loved to color as a kid and even as an adult--it is therapeutic to me!  So, when I was introduced to the Copic markers, I was hooked!  Since then I have been Copic Certified and am hopefully going to be able to take the intermediate certification soon!  I have been "collecting" and stamping Magnolia stamps (they are wonderful to color) from Sweden.  My Copic collection has increased to almost all of the colors I want (only a few shy of the about 300 colors that were on my wish list) :-) 

I am attaching a few of my cards I have made using Copics and some new stamps my friends and I have gotten and stamped for each other as well as some other new products such as Flower Soft and some new flowers I have gotten recently!!  (Sorry the picutres aren't organized very well--I'm still learning! )

Hope you all have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by!  My goal is to try and blog at least twice a week until I can get on here more regularly!


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

So much to do so little time!

Sorry I haven't posted in forever! I've been working about 70 hours a week and haven't had time to even clean my scrapbook room up to walk through! 

I was finally able to take a break and escaped for the weekend to the Creative Hideaway retreat for our do-over of our no electricity weekend in February.  It was a FABULOUS weekend!  My goal was to get some scrapbooking done but, I made the mistake of taking my Copic markers and Magnolia and Riley stamps with me.  SO, I ended up making cards all weekend instead.  However, I did get 18 cards made and have been diligently trying to get at least 3 listed a night on Etsy!  I've ended up selling more cards at work than anywhere.  And I was even asked by our secretary to create a card for a wonderful co-worker who is retiring.  I'm going to try and upload a post for that.  Our president asked that I create a professional looking card that some how encororated our company logo into it.  I was frantic trying to figure out how to do this.  But, my wonderful mother had a poem already created that I was able to change a few words to use for the inside wording and I found a card map from Becky Fleck ( that I though would be perfect.  It turned out wonderfully!!

I was able to play with my new MuddPuddles product this weekend that I purchased from CreekBank Creations ( and made an awesome few cards using the Mailibu Sand with a High Hopes Stamp and the Golf Green for Riley the Moose Golfer Stamp (I'll have to post the pictures later--they are on a different computer). 

I also ordered some new Spellbinders (on Friday) from Flowers to Flourishes (http://www.flowerstoflourishes/) and they arrived yesterday so, I was able to use them on the above card. 

I was so excited to get so much done (even though it wasn't what I intended to get done)!

Gotta go now--will post more later!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Copic Class

Good morning!  Hope everyone had a wonderful week!  Mine was great.  I was able to take the day off work from my full-time job yesterday and attend a wonderful Copic Class.  I had already been certified but wanted to take the class again to sharpen my skills to be able to work with one of the other certified ladies at my part-time job to make a class curriculum and teach Copic Classes!  I was able to meet some really wonderful ladies as well as learn a few things!!  I brought home a long list of blogs and websites to check out! 

I haven't had much spare time this week to craft anything but, hopefully I can get some more cards made and posted on Etsy in the next few days!  I am secretly hoping it rains all day so that we are "stuck" inside and I can play in the scrapbook room :-)

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Fantastic Friday

It is a beautiful Friday outside! I wish I could take the day off work and spend it enjoying this wonderful weather!  It even got so hot yesterday in the house that we had to shut the windows and turn the air on! The way our house sits, it soaks up the sun all day and there wasn't any breeze blowing through the house.  It was crazy!

I was fortunate to be able to meet up with a wonderful group of friends last Saturday and scrap.  I worked on cards all weekend and mailed some out to family and friends and posted the other on Etsy to hopefully sell!!

My cousin called me last night to tell me that my "niece" was heartbroken.  She had gotten my card yesterday and was so excited about it.  They put it on the dining room table to enjoy and Lauren's little sister Lilly decided to climb on the kitchen chair and get the card.  It ended up turning into 5 cards instead of 1.  I got a tearful thank you voicemail for Lauren telling me that Lilly ripped the card up that she loved.  It was so heart wrenching she was so upset!  So, I think I might have to make a card this weekend to send to her.  They are both so precious to me, I can't have one of them upset (ha ha).

Tonight I'm actually off work and am going to have a dinner "date" with my husband and some friends tonight.  Tomorrow I'm going to go give blood first thing in the morning and then I get to clean the house (which I'm actualy looking forward to).  I'm hoping to get some things boxed up for Goodwill as well as organizing the scrapbook room (hopefully finishing that project).  Mike is going to "play" tomorrow with his friends and help build a box for a hot tub.  He loves building things and playing with the power tools :-)

Sunday we are going to go to Mike's parents and enjoy Easter dinner and then go home and relax and watch a few movies.  Thi sis one of the first weekends in a long time that will have more than a few hours of relaxation--I'm super excited!

I wish everyone a blessed Easter and hopefully I'll be able to post some pics of my cards I've gotten made recently! My goal is to get one image colored a night so that when I do get to put them together, I can make multiple cards to give away or sell!!


Saturday, March 13, 2010


Happy Saturday!! 

We finally had time to put my EXPEDIT shelf together that we purchased from IKEA last week.  Now I can't wait to get the room organized and the shelf filled!! Right now everything is still in the middle of the floor.  But, we are on our way to grab lunch and stop by Home Depot so that we can get the mollys and screws to hang the punch rods up. 

I can't wait until my room is fully functional again. 

Our local SS has a garage sale every few months and I have a feeling I'm going to be hauling a whole truck load of stuff over there to sell that I find I don't need!! Then that means that I will have more money to buy more stuff (ha ha).

Off to lunch!  Have a great day!  I'll post picks as soon as my room is done!

Monday, March 8, 2010

What a Mess!

It's been so long since I've blogged!

Since the last time I've posted, I've gotten married, finally got almost all of my "stuff" moved from my house to "our" house and I've been working WAY too much!!!

I didn't get scheduled at my pt job Friday night so, my DH and I took the day off our "real" jobs and went to Cincinnati for the day (YAY). I was lucky enough to be driven to Stamp Your Art Out, IKEA, Bath and Body Works Outlet and Red Robin (yum yum).

I have a HUGE mess in my scrap room! I was lucky enough to get the 8 "hole" EXPEDIT cabinet from IKEA--which before we are able to put it in my Scrap Room, I have to reorganize some things (what a mess!).

So, I've decided I need to take everything out of the closest and move things around as well as in the room! I never knew how much stuff I had shoved onto the four shelf cabinet that was in the closet--now it's all in the middle of floor! (I think my husband just about fainted when I told him I had way to much stuff!)

So, we moved a few other pieces of storage furniture around in the room tonight and eyeballed where the "punch" rails are going to go (forgot to buy the screws so Mike will hopefully be able to pick those up this week).

Hopefully Wednesday or Thursday we can get the EXPEDIT cabinet up the stairs and get it put together!!

My goal is to get everything organized and easy to use so that I will be able to scrap/make cards a few nights a week for at least 1/2 hour!!!

I was also lucky enough to buy some stamps from Stamp Your Art out and purchased some really CUTE stamps and I also got 4 new Riley's this week! I can't wait to color them in with my new Copic markers!