Friday, March 16, 2012

Exciting Times!!

Sorry I have been MIA again!  I have been super busy at my day job and have been staying SUPER busy at nights working on my Scrapdidiliumptious website, upcoming classes I'm working on teaching alongside my wonderful friend, Dolores Johnson (check out her blog at  I have also been very, very busy thanks to my dear friend Angie of  She is a photographer as well as graphic designer.  She does the "whole" package--pictures, creating invitations, etc.  She has entrusted me by sending her clients my way to "complete" (or as she calls it "bling it up") their wedding invitations.  I am meeting with my third bride-to-be on Monday to show her some ideas I have to "bling" up her invitations that Angie has created. 

I'm at a "retreat" weekend with some gals this weekend and am working on putting together some extra invites one of last week's clients needed as well as trying to get the creative juices flowing for Monday's invitation "meet and greet". 

I am working on getting accounts set up with a few more vendor so, I will be able to offer and sell more product from a wide variety of vendors.

Super exciting things coming this way!

Have a fantastic weekend!!!